SilencerCo Suppressor Pouch


SilencerCo’s suppressor pouches have gone through a redesign.  Now grey with heat-resistant Nomex®* and updated branding, these pouches are better than ever.



Large: Hybrid 46, Omega 300, Harvester 300, Saker ASR 762, Osprey 45, Octane 9, Octane 45, Specwar 762

Medium: Saker ASR 556, Saker ASR 556K, Octane 45K, Osprey 9, Osprey 45K, Omega 9K, Omega 45K, Specwar 556, Specwar 556K

Small (Coming Soon): Spectre, Warlock

Extra Small: Sparrow 

*Note: Nomex feature only applies to Medium and Large pouches.