Maxim 9 Optics Mounting Plates


These adapter plates are used to mount an aftermarket red dot or reflex sight on your Maxim 9.   

The compatible optics can be viewed on the chart below. More plate options coming soon. 

Optics Plates Compatibility Chart

INSTALLATION: To install, first remove the existing optic cutout cover and screws from the top of your Maxim 9. Place the optic adapter plate where the cover used to be, taking care to align the holes in the plate with the holes in the top of your Maxim. Place the provided Loctite®-coated screws into the holes and tighten to 11 in/lbs, or until hand tight. Install your optic as instructed in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

SilencerCo is not responsible for damage to any optic resulting from installation on or use with the Maxim 9.