Piston Kit


Ever wondered which pistons you should purchase to provide the greatest host compatibility for your handgun suppressor? SilencerCo has removed the guesswork with the introduction of the limited-edition Piston Kit.

The Piston Kit features five pistons with a black nitride finish for increased wear-resistance and lubricity. What's more, you're receiving five pistons for the price of four - with three o-ring packs also included free of charge.


  • .578 X 28 Piston
  • 1/2 X 28 Piston
  • 16mm X 1 LH Piston
  • 13.5mm X 1 LH Piston
  • 9/16 X 24 Piston
  • Booster Assembly O-Ring Pack
  • M13 O-Ring Pack
  • M16 O-Ring Pack

Pistons are compatible with the following suppressors: